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Sell us your collection.

We are happy to talk to you about your collection. Feel free to call me at 848-333-8899. Scott Neuman

You the man! The album just came today and looks to be in great shape. I have to wait until I can get over to my brother-in-laws house to record it because I have no turntable. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. The guitar player in my band is a major computer geek and loves the album also. Thanks again for all your efforts and I will recommend your services to all my friends.
Tim C.

Hi Scott
Just to let you know the EP arrived this morning and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with it. It certainly was worth waiting for. Many thanks for all your help.
Pat H. (London, England)
Hello Scott
I'm Santiago from Spain. I have received the item and it's incredible. I'm very happy with the record.
Thanks and best regards.
Dear Scott
I have now received the LP I requested you find for me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much. It is an exact copy and in very good condition. I thank you again and if I ever come to NJ, I'll look you up.
Elaine F. (England)
Hi!, I just wanted to let you know the magazine arrived today and it is in lovely condition. Crista
I have to write again and let you know that I am so impressed with the quality of your vinyl, that I need to say it again.

When I saw the Nazz and Black Sheep and the usual VG guality, I thought some scratches, but since I enjoy both bands so much, I had to order.

When the records where played, it was almost as if they were new. Finally there is a company that ranks records in a way that is honest!!!

I bought one record through the mail from another company and it arrived with a hugh warp. UGHH.
It is truly a pleasure to do business with your and I am so glad I found you on the web. I will recommend you to everyone I know that buys vinyl.
Again, Thanks Scott.
Mark B

Got the Album... Thanks a Million!!
Hi Scott! I just received my LP's "American Top 40" for October 1978. I'm really happy. In fact, I played one of the records just as quick as I opened the box. It's real neat hearing Casey Kasem count down the hits from 20 years ago. Even the jingles were perfect during that time period.

Thank you, I have enjoyed doing business with you. I will recommend your business to others. The snow is finally melting in Michigan. The roads are clear again, and we only have one foot of snow on the ground instead of two!
Thank you again!
A very satisfied customer! Matt F.

Scott, I just received the sealed LP of The Traveling Wilburys today. It is great, I had been looking for a sealed copy of this for my collection for quite some time. Thanks for helping me out with my collection. I look forward to future orders with you.

Verna V. :)

Hi Scott,
Your records have arrived here two days ago. I am very pleased about the condition of the records. I think that I will be able to send you another order shortly.
All the best
Dieter (GERMANY)
Hi Scott,
I received your albums last week and I was very pleased with what I found. So thanks again for doing business!
Many greetings & all the best,
Ivo from the Netherlands
Dear Forever Vinyl,
Just a quick note to let you know that I received the John Waite promo CD safely today. Many, many thanks! I would like to take this opportunity to complement you on your friendly, excellent service.
Thanks again.
Per Derlow

Hi Scott, I received the Promo "The Call - I Still Believe" some time ago, but because I've moved, I didn't get a chance to write to you sooner.
When I was searching for this cut, I consistently heard the same two words, over and over "Good luck!"
My good luck came when I found your site! Thank you for shipping, it's my pride and joy.
I received the record in the mail today and i just wanted to say thank you very much. Despite the long wait (Ed.The record was out of stock and we had to replace it, about 21 days) (which is understandable) my friend loves his gift very much! :) Thank you again and if i ever need anything in the future I will certainly refer back to your service!
Giesla H.
Hello Scott,
I'm just writing to tell you, I received the Cat Stevens 45' Moon Shadow/I think I see the Light' in the mail today. Thank You very much...
Thanks Again
Christine C.
Hi Scott, Just a little note to tell you that I received the LP's from my first orders. I enjoyed them, they are in good condition, the grading and prices are correct.
Thanks, if there are other items I want, I will keep you in mind.
Patrick D. -- Belgium
Many thanks - I have received the LP's you sent to me. All are 100% and very happy with the grading. The Bee Gees LP "Horizontal" plays a lot better than it was graded. So, I'm happy all round. I also purchased the Venus and the Razorblades LP - talk about kitsch punk. Glad I got it.
Bill G. -- Australia
Hi!I just received the Ronnie Mack "Traci..." 7" 10 minutes ago, and I am very pleased! Thank you very much, and I will tell my friends about your service.Thanks again!
Brian D.

Hello Scott. I ordered some Larry Norman records a while back. I deal with a lot of dealers, but you were one if not the best I have dealt with. You were fast, professional, and affordable. Thanks Paul G.
I received the Wendy Carlos album and tape yesterday (Monday). Pleasure doing business with you.
Brian L.
Mr. Neuman,
I am Christos A from Greece. I made an order to FOREVER VINYL so you might remember me. Today I got the records from the post office, and the truth is that I am pleased more than I expected to. The records are in excellent condition and I really think that doing business with you was a brilliant idea. So thank you very much and soon I will send you a new order.
Thank you again,
Christos A from Greece
Dear Scott and Max
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I received the record today. It was in much better condition that I expected. Rest assured that I will offer your name any time I am asked about locating hard to find records.
thanks again,
Dave K.

Dear Scott:
I have got two weeks ago the discs recently purchased from you site. The grade system you use is rather accurate in describing the real state of the items, so I would like to express my congratulations for your professionality. Probably I will order some new issues in the near future.
Thank you very much,
Pilar B.

Hi, Scott Neuman,I've received the ordered vinyls yesterday. I have already listened to DandoShaft and it sounds pretty good and I enjoyed it.
Thank you again for your quick handling of my order and your good business.

I wanted to let you know that I got my vinyl from you the other day, and it's AWESOME! The shaped Men Without Hats picture disc is now the cream of my collection... thank you more than you'll ever know!
I got my order today! Thank you so much! I WILL let my friends know aboutyou!
Thanks again,
Hi there, just a note to say I recieved my record today in excellent shape.thanks
Justin from singapore

Hi Scott,
Today I received the ordered records safe and sound, they are great! I hope we can do some more business in the future, I hope you have my wanted list ready if you go hunting for those records.
Kind regards,
Peter van R.
The records from my first order arrived two weeks ago. Now back at my University , I have to send a notice. I am very happy with your service. Your records are in the stated condition, which is very important for me!! I will look through your stock again and send a new order and an updated wantlist. I am sure you will be able to provide records for me in the future. I am really looking for doing more business with you soon.



Dear Mr. Neuman:
You were so right. I got my record today and it is exactly like the one I had. Thank you so very much.I really enjoyed listening to it.
Carol J. D.

My Brother got the Bon Jovi records yesterday, he likes them a lot!!!!!! He wants me to thank you, so "Thank YOU!!!!" "E.B"
I got my record today. You've made me very happy. I'll be calling you again for another order. "B.Lewis"
Hi Scott and Debra,
The UK 45 of Scatterlings by Juluka #4650 (diecut like Africa) arrived in perfect shape yesterday. It's pretty cool-- I've never seen anything like it! (Wonder if it really plays? I hate to try it!) Thanks so much. I'll be checking your site for more odd ball items and imports more often.
Suan H

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