Forever Vinyl - Rare records, out of print records, and hard to find records. Record dealer with rock, jazz, blues, soul and country records.Welcome to Forever Vinyl - The online record store. We focus on appraising record and music collections. We also have access to over 2,000,000 out of print, rare music and collectible records and cds from around the world via our own inventory and hundreds of partnerships we've developed over the years. We specialize in finding hard to find records, and long out of print records from most record companies catalogs. Normally, we have what you've been looking for in stock but we can also search for it if needed. Most of our items are in VG++ condition to Sealed/New with the majority of the items in near mint condition. We've recently updated our catalog with many new and out of print items.

We have three locations online for items we offer for sale: Our ForeverVinyl Ebay Store and at our Vinylweb Store with Hard to Find items. and We've also added an Amazon Store Link for Forevervinyl with even more CD's and sealed/super rare items. Each site has different items and new items are added daily.

Fast Contact Information. Email me at Scott Neuman ( or call direct at 848-333-8899 from 9:00am est to 9:00pm est.

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Scott Neuman - Record Appraiser - Find out the true value of your record collection. As seen on/in MSN, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Readers Digest.

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Forever Vinyl is here to help with your flood, storm, and wind damaged collections.  Don't settle for what the insurance companies want to give you without talking to me first. Your collection could be worth 1000% times what they want to give you. Call me direct at 848-333-8899.

Back in 1996, Forever Vinyl developed a record dealer network that works hand in hand with other vinyl and music dealers from around the world to find records you've been looking for. We never charge an upfront fee to find a record. Our success rate at finding records is currently at 96% with the normal turnaround time being 2 to 5 weeks.

Forever Vinyl and its owner and staff have been reviewed in major media newspapers and magazines around the world. We are considered top experts in the field of collectible vinyl and music.

The owner of Forever Vinyl is Scott Neuman who started working in the music entertainment field when he was 14 years old. He has been employed in the Radio and Television industry as an announcer and cameraman. He was an on air disc jockey at WKXW, WPUB, WCTC, and WWFM. He has also worked in clubs and owned a record store in Trenton and Franklin Park, NJ. He received his degree in telecommunications with honors. He's been reviewed in different magazines and you will find his name in major hobby magazines, online sources and guides. Scott Neuman was the trouble shooter referral expert for the Gannett Newspaper Chain for the Jersey Shore edition. Forever Vinyl's ads have appeared for the past twenty years in Rolling Stone, Goldmine, Discoveries, Record Collector, Spin and Oldies-Platters magazine. Doing a Google search for "Scott Neuman", "Out of Print Records", or "Record Appraisals" brings Forever Vinyl as a page one result of Google.  This normally means Google considers us one of the better people to talk do when it comes to rare records and what your collection is worth.

Most of Forever Vinyl's in-house record collection consists of rock, jazz, country, blues, and doo-wop from the 50's through the 80's with classical, and everything else next. Over the years, they've picked up a huge amount of collectible items from radio stations, media consultants, and private collections. They still buy collections on a daily basis and they've entered tens of thousands of items into an online catalog for viewing and a search engine for ordering by credit card.

Give Forever Vinyl a try. You'll find Forever Vinyl and our staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Forever Vinyl was the first online music dealer when they started "This Notes For You". A Dial Up Computer Bulletin Board System in 1987 and was also one of the first record dealers on the Internet to offer a downloadable database of records for sale and viewing.

In November of 1999, Forever Vinyl - The Record Store and Scott Neuman became one of the registered music experts for While has moved on, Scott Neuman and Forever Vinyl is still available to give you appraisals for the true market value of your collection.

Scott Neuman has had memberships with the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and  past member and President of the Lakewood Rotary Club of NJ.

Universal Autograph Collectors ClubScott Neuman is a member of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club. One of the largest expert organizations for autograph collectors in the world.


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