by Jose Henrique Bellintani
Jan 7th, 1997

This is the question that too many people ask when they want to buy the famous lps and can't find them. The cd age arrived? Maybe,but opposite about media says, "the vinyl records still live and will live forever". There was a time that they stopped releasing vinyl albums in the U.S.A.(like in Brazil currently) but now they are coming back.

Collectors like this writer knows that the cd is good, practical and don't create noises but at the same time it has risks, like vinyl, and the worse is that the cd "lifetime" is in a maximum 15 years range while a well taken care of vinyl record is forever. While we have the vinyl crisis in our country what the collectors of Brazil have to do is first be patient, because everything is fashion, the world is a circle and everything ALWAYS returns. But as patience is a thing that don't play in any record-player there is some hints of vinyl shops where you can find records. Here in Rio Claro, you can find good records at Center Disk 45. You can also find second-hand lps in nice state at Historia discos &livros and at Sebo de Elite.

For the Internet users, here are some addresses on the net. the most complete place for all kinds of collectors is :Scott Neuman's-Forever Vinyl at http://www.forevervinyl.com/ or email at sneuman@forevervinyl.com. For the ones who just like rock, there's rockers@rockers.de and others like calalbums@earthlink.net.

So,while Brazil stills prepares itself for the age where cds and vinyls will have a pieceful co-existence at the same time, run or sail for these above places for your favorite vinyl.

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