Search Service at Forever Vinyl

We have access to over 2 million records and cd's. We offer a search service and will look for that favorite group or artist for you. There is no fee for the search if we don't find the items you are looking for. We do have excellent results and will be glad to take a shot at finding your favorite item. Before asking us for an item, take a moment to look at our catalog. The search service is a major part of Forever Vinyl's business. The best way for us to get your want list is for you to E-mail your want list requests. You can also use our Search Form. You can send artist requests and we prefer priced want lists. We'll look for one item or hundreds. But if you only want to pay $1.00 for something that I might take days, weeks or months looking for, I'll be honest, you might have a long wait. We have also set up a fax line for want lists at 732-505-5337 or you can mail it to us at:

Scott Neuman
Forever Vinyl
P.O. Box 526 Attn: Want lists.
Lakehurst, NJ
732-505-3646 til 10:30 pm EST.

Please don't call after 10:30pm. Chelsea, our golden retriever is sleeping. We start working on want lists as soon as we receive them. We try to give you a response within 3 days. Please bear in mind that while we get hundreds of requests each week, we do try to answer each one. If you don't get a reply, we probably weren't able to find it but we'll keep looking.

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