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8/15/15 - We had the pleasure of appraising well known Jazz horn player and Eastern University music professor George Broussard's collection of about jazz 900 records. Many of the records were valued in the low to mid three figures and the collection appraised in the low five figures. George was nice enough to donate the collection to the Archive of Contemporary Music in NYC. Alexa helped out with the appraisal (warehouse management) and we took a picture to show the Archive what they were getting. The Archive was nice enough to show the photo with Alexa on the front page of their website.

6/25/15 - If you love vinyl, you'll love the stories that Dust and Grooves have on their website. They also have a book out that highlights a lot of the collectors in the world and their collections. Most collectors are very private about their collections so it was nice to see these people open up on why their collections are important.  

5/21/15 - I get a lot of calls on where to donate music collections. Federal tax law allows you to donate music collections at fair retail value as long as you have an music appraiser certify your collection as valued over $5000.00. If you have more than 700 items to donate, you'll probably hit the $5000.00 mark pretty quick. The issue is where to donate the collection so that you can find a good home for your collection and still take the tax donation. Most colleges don't understand what you have and when you call their head librarian,  you just get a "no" because they don't get records or they hate dealing with the issues with filing them and lending them. Personally, I think they are out of their minds when you consider that this is just what libraries were meant to do.

Sometimes you can find a non-profit radio station, church or a another 501c3 to donate your collection to but the issue with donating to any old 501c3 charity is that if they sell the records, they have to report the sale to the IRS and if the sale was 10 cents per record, the IRS has a right to adjust your deduction up to 3 years down the line. Imagine having a $50,000 dollar appraisal and tax write taken down to $3000.00 dollars, not because the $50,000 wasn't correct but that the charity you are donating the collection to doesn't have a clue as to value? I've seen charities do it in the past, normally to a "friend" of the charity who says they'll take everything to make life easy for the charity.

There is a better solution. Donate your collection to the Archive of Contemporary Music at 54 White St in NYC. Their number is 212-226-6967 and I suggest you ask for Fred or B.George. The "ARC" doesn't sell records for pennies on the dollar (when they do have a bi-annual sale and then only to make room for better collections like yours).  It's important to also know that the Archive can't appraise a collection you are donating to them. It's a conflict of interest, so instead you should call me at 848-333-8899 to discuss the in's and out's on what is required so that your donation won't be (hopefully) challenged by the IRS. Regardless of who you use to appraise your collection, I can't think of a better place in the USA to donate nice collections and they can handle massive amounts of records and other memorabilia. They have a large warehouse loft area and racks and racks of archived records, 45's, 78's, and almost anything else relating to the music industry. It's a research experts dream. They do accept cash donations also and you can "Buy a rack" with your name on it in support of the Archive. Check out the "ARC" at and how to support the "ARC".

As an example of just how much material they can accept in one shot, I'm currently appraising a collection donating to the ARC that contains almost 25,000 pieces and it's just an amazing collection. Give the ARC a call when you get a chance and see if they'll accept your collection. I've also worked on large rock and jazz collections that have been donated to the ARC. Yes, you can always try and sell your collection on your own but the ARC will give them a good home where they'll be appreciated and listened to in a caring atmosphere (not just stored away, never to be seen again) and you'll get a great tax deduction, in my opinion.

1/4/15 - Our Condolences to the Steinberg family on the loss of their husband and father Irwin Steinberg, Co-Founder of Mercury Records. Mr. Steinberg was 94.

12/18/14 - I just got back from appraising 6000 records to be donated to the Archive of Contemporary Music in Manhattan. 99% of the collection was in near mint condition and mostly promotional or white label promos. What a great collection. Fair market value was in the high five figures and a wonderful donation to ARC.

9/8/13 - What a nice obituary for Murray Gershenz. Murray owned a bricks and mortar used record story called Music Man Murray in Hollywood since 1962. Murray passed recently and our condolences to his family.    

8/2/13 - Thanks to for using Forever Vinyl in one of their featured stories on appraising record collections.

7/28/13 - Thanks for for mentioning us in a story about using an Appraiser to find the value of your collection.

3/18/13 - We are featured in an article in the New York Daily News - Queens Woman seeking buyer for her large record collection. The article uses us as the appraiser for the article. The funny part was, one of our friends knows the woman in the article, contacted her and she called us to help with her collection. Small world... until you have to paint it. (Sorry, I love that joke).

3/15/13 - Also Just in. Dan Emmerick's father passed away but was a singer song writer and musician back in the 20's and 30's and onward. Dan was nice enough to sell us everything his father played on or wrote and most of it is in near mint condition. We're looking forward to finding good homes for this material. If you like 78's, keep looking for our items on Ebay or

3/15/13 - What a rush to watch American Pickers get to rummage through Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick's collection. It looked like Rick has more then he can handle so we're hoping Rick calls us. We'd love to handle everything he has on consignment. If you are a musician or a long history in the business, contact us at 848-333-8899 so we can work for you! Rick, if you read this, can I get you to play at my friends 85 seat theater record store in Bordentown?

01/11/13 Forever Vinyl is proud to announce they have been chosen to market the music and collectibles collection of Bernard "Beans" Lieberman. Mr. Lieberman was Vice President of Production for Fantasy Records and long time principal in the company. Mr. Lieberman's collection consists of the entire inventory of Fantasy Records catalog including sealed CCR albums and promotional 45's. In addition, we'll also be marketing the original scripts for many of the movies that Fantasy was involved in including "One Flew over the Cuckoos's Nest". Last we have the original story boards for the original Hobbit Movie. Look for these items at our partners auction houses or on Ebay.

11/10/12 I've been a fan of Chris Shar of Man Man for many years. Recently I heard his brother Jesse who sings and plays guitar. Jesse has a nice gritty voice. Jess lives in Point Pleasant, NJ and went through the Hurricane Sandy storm recently. He sings "Gotta Keep Trying" with a photo montage from and Tim Aubry. Take a listen to "Gotta Keep Trying" and share with friends. 

10/17/12 Imagine my surprise, that after 16 years on Yahoo, the search engine knocked Forever Vinyl off their search engine. In fact, they knocked all my websites off Yahoo. In my place is a bogus "Forever Vinyl" site that went up two years ago. We notified the owner of the fake .net that we'd filed for a notice of trademark on Forever Vinyl back in 2003 and explained we'd be in business since 1996 and we'd thought he took the site down. Nope, still up. We talk to him again and he says he likes the domain name, and he is going to keep using it. I guess someone wants a lawsuit for cybersquatting.  We want our customers to know that we're the original Forever Vinyl, The rare and out of print record store. We're here to help you with appraisals, records for sale and selling consignments from our customers. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for years to come. If you see the guy pretending to me, ignore him and come back here.

Scott Neuman - Owner Forever Vinyl

7/30/12 Two interesting things happened this week. We picked up Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a customer. They bought a sealed copy of Bill Cosby's Sports on the Uni label. We found a sealed copy for him, shipped it quickly and Jimmy was able to get Bill to sign it for him on the show on Camera. That was fun to watch your work take art form.

2nd, I was a little disappointed, as an appraiser, to see the Bruce Springsteen magazine Backstreets publish a rare record collectibles column and state that a record I sold was not a rare Bruce collectible but rather a fake and that I misvalued it. In fact, the article mentions 3 rare items I sold on consignment for customers (I'm sure Backstreets didn't know I sold them) and all sold for 3 to 4 figures. One item was a Bruce Springsteen item called The Pitman Years, and was a limited edition picture disc of the CBS Pitman Pressing plant with snips of all the CBS artists including Bruce and Dylan. An "Expert collector of Dylan" claimed this was a fake in the magazine and started passing on his expertise to other sources which then also claimed it was a fake without checking with me. I mention this because there are "experts" and then there are experts that do the research to prove what they are selling is in fact genuine. In this case, CBS only made 10 of the picture discs for the big wigs at CBS. They also made 200 black vinyl copies. I got this copy I sold directly from the head of distribution at CBS. He directed its creation. It doesn't get anymore genuine then that. So beware whom you deal with when getting items appraised. This "Dylan Expert" might be costing someone thousands of dollars. By the way, you can go to Youtube and listen to the record by searching for Pitman Years.

06/19/12 I love positive emails from my customers. A customer had ordered a "mint" condition record from an online site. He got the record in and it was anything but mint. In fact, it was closer to "Fair" which is pretty beat up. It was a rare record but when he asked to return it for a refund (he paid with, the seller blew him off. requires proof that there is an issue so the customer hired me to give that proof. The customer sent me photos of the item and I wrote an appraisal for his dispute with given a complete detail of the item and its current condition. Here is what he wrote me back today:

Today I've received a full refund from PayPal. Without your support I would have lost 165 GBP. Thank you very much!


You're welcome Harald and thanks for the business.

01/21/12 Thank you AFP for using Forever Vinyl as the appraiser and dealer for their article of 01/21/12 "Vinyl Records Make the World Go Around Again".

12/24/11 Thank you Oprah and Yahoo for featuring us in the article - 7 things in your home that are more valuable then you think on 12/24/11.

12/1/09 Readers Digest article that uses Forever Vinyl as experts for the article as it relates to music collectibles.

7/22/08 Robert Benson writes an article about Scott Neuman and Forever

7/14/08 Websites get retro active StarTribune article that mentions Forever Vinyl as the place to find older vinyl records.

7/13/08 University of Syracuse accepts largest 78 collection. Collection valued at $1,000,000 dollars.

1/18/08 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Pine Record Collector Selling "History of Music". Article mentions Forever Vinyl as an appraisal service on this $50 million dollar collection. Sorry to say but the collection only sold for a few million dollars when the advertising and marketing for the collection fell short. Article on Sale of RecordRama Collection"

9/29/07 Radio rarity might have survived junk heap . Article mentions Forever Vinyl and Scott Neuman

Retro tech channels old-school cool - Article Nice mention of Forever Vinyl in an article written by CNN's Jim Kavanagh. Jim goes into how while CD's and DVD's are still the main form of music sold, there is still a large group of people that buy vinyl and why they buy vinyl. Interesting read.

Forever Vinyl uses "" to show ebay auctions.

Rolling Stone Magazine writes about Forever Vinyl: "Digging for Discs Online

The top sites for rare and specialty CDs and vinyl:
The places to start if you're looking for rare compact discs or vinyl are pretty obvious: Amazon, eBay and Google. But if they don't yield the original test pressing of Genesis Live you're looking for, here are some specialty stores to try. An excellent source for out-of-print vinyl oldies, like a $150 picture-sleeve single of Dylan's "Hurricane" or a $100 copy of the lost Elvis Sings Christmas Songs.


I got to have my smiling face on Fox News. I've been playing in World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour events. I decided to see if I could pick up some sponsors and right out of the box, I got to sponsor me for the $10,000 to enter Texas No Limit Holdem Tournament at the Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. I did pretty well, coming in 171st out of 515 players. actually sent 4 professional players with one coming in the money but almost all of us made it to the second day. If you'd like to keep track of my playing, click over to
Scott Neuman's Poker. By the way, if you'd like to sponsor me for an event and I win the event, you get half of the winnings. First prize at the Borgata was $2 million dollars.

Troubleshooter column in the Asbury Park Press mentions Forever Vinyl as a local expert for appraising records.

Milwakuee Television Station TMJ4 Consumer Report Lynise Weeks interviews Scott Neuman from Forever Vinyl. Questions relating to valuation of rare records. What makes a record rare and collectible. How to find a record dealer you can trust. How to get the most amount of money for your collection. How not to get ripped off. Interview came about from a local dealer in Milwaukee that was buying rare records from senior citizens for $1.00 each or less telling the senior citizens that the records were worthless or of no value to anyone. We accepted one of the records on consignment for TMJ4 and received 100% more then the Milwaukee dealer said that it was worth.

Article about rare and hard to find records in the Asbury Park Press. They mentioned Forever Vinyl as an expert in the field and a company to contact for selling rare or hard to find records.

Short mention about
items we had on consignment. We do go out of our way to generate press for collectible items for sale.

3/23/00 interviewed us recently.
Click Here to read the article.

Raymond Fazzi of the Asbury Park Press wrote about e-commerce and shopping on the internet. He went to many experts in the field on the subject including yours truly. For those of you that saw the article and are stopping by to wish us well and check us out, Welcome, and for those of you that haven't seen the article, Click here to read the story.

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