Links, I'll give you links!

Listed below are some of the links I've come across that struck me as interesting, weird, relating to music or just needed a link so that someone could find them. I'll gladly exchange links with you if you have an interesting site.

Good luck and may the groove be in you.

Music related

Scott Neuman's World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour website. Come join Ranked poker player Scott Neuman in a game of poker. Great deals for new players on his site.
80's Rock Photos - David Plastik's site selling rare photographes of rock stars. David worked in the industry and the majority of photos are from David's work. His site offers other great rock related items and we highly recommend him.
Archive of Contemporary Music - Wonderful archive in NYC that supports records and other music mediums and collectibles. Mostly not for sale but twice a year they hold a sale to cull duplicates in their collections. ARC is at 54 White St in Manhattan. I do work with them on charity donations and they don't just take records. If you want to donate a large collection to them, talk to me first about how to take a proper taxable donation for your material.
Atlantic Records They still love music and release records. It's a labor of love for them.
Bags Unlimited Inc-The Collection Protection Company Since 1976: The #1 choice of collectors for storage supplies, display and shipping products for their collectibles.
Charley Pennel's Blue Grass Site.
Diaz Records out of France. Nice collection of CD's and Records for sale.
Dickie Goodman (Mr Flying Saucer) website.
DLF Music Transfer My customers alway ask if there is a place that can take records and copy them to CD or restore that old cassette. DLF does a nice job.

Dust and Grooves does a great job of showing why we all love vinyl and gives examples of those that love vinyl and their collections.
BlackBird Records Rare Beatle records and more.
Kix Software Home of the Music Master Catalog Master software.
K-Tel Classics Well done information site on K-tel recordings.
MileStone Awards - RIAA authorized award manufacturer.
Nirvana Fan site
Our Generation Radio - Live site playing the music of OUR Generation. Enjoy it.
Rock Art Picture Show. Nice selection of frames for records. Hang one on your wall!
Rock Record Collectors Association
More Music's list of worldwide shops
Rock Forever Nice site with plenty of links to the 70's and 80's rock and rollers.
Record Appraisals Our link site for record appraisals.
Record Mecca Nice collection of rare items
Roots Rockabilly on WPRB-FM Princeton
Spin Auctions - Nice site in Australia.
Warner Brothers music site BaDe bade bade, that's all folks.
You have to hear this band!! Everyone has a favorite, this is mine. It's a comer.
Unlock Austin - Nice site for Austin, Tx bands. Rate the band,
Vinyl Records Still Live Well defined site relating to records and music collectibles in general.
Wax.Fm - Nice site for those looking to buy vinyl. Well done and very contemporary in look and feel.
Wendy's home page. Nice collection of photos from famous music artists
Meat Loaf and his web of lies. What, Meatloaf again?
Vassar Clements King of Hillbilly Jazz on the Fiddle. If you like fiddle, Vassar takes fiddle to an entirely higher level then anyone else. Visit his site and support this artist. Could be considered the "Miles Davis" of fiddle.
Vinyl Art What a unique idea. Vinyl Art brings to life the artist as his song plays on. Very unique and well done
Vinylweb The Newest place to buy, sell or trade music items on the net.
Yello Fan site

Remember When? Website

Business related

Action Office Supplies. Over 30,000 office and computer supplies in stock. If they can't get it, it doesn't exist. And at prices below Staples and Office Max. (Psst. I'm Vice President. I'll take care of you).
Buy and Keep - Stock research page for small cap stocks that will explode soon. We hope.
Cheap Office Another superstore that ships next day. Great prices.
Recordweb Communications Communication and Marketing Company. The best at getting websites top 10 in search engines. Made Vinylweb the powerhouse it is today.
New Business Site for Recordweb referrals for Long Distance and Intrastate as low as 3.09 cents through MCI. No fees. Also Overseas dial arounds, DSL, Calling Cards, Web hosting, Alarm systems. I'll mention that you can also refer these services by signing up. THERE IS NO FEE TO DO THIS. Take a look. No selling required. No money out of your pocket either. I use it and it saves me about $500.00 per year on my phone bill. Recommended.
I've got this Domain Name "" I'm open to any ideas or investors that want to get involved. I'm sure you've seen Sure sounds close.
Police PBA Card Site
New Jersey Dialup A New Jersey only ISP with tons of local numbers and prices starting as low as $12.95 a month for access and email. If you don't need a broadband connection(they can get that for you also), then this is the service for you. NJ Dialup offers dialup accounts, ISDN (128K), DSL, and T1 lines at fair market rates. Give them a call.
Order Money Orders - Cheap and fast ways to transfer money between individuals and businesses.
Boardwatch Magazine. I read it every month. and they reviewed me in the July and Sept 95 issues. All the more reason for a good plug.
USA Automobile Classifieds This site is looking to sell this domain name. A few good investors looking to make some money???
Wayne Pratt Antiques Wayne and Company are famous as appraisers on the Antique RoadShow on PBS. They were kind enough to refer people to me, so I'm returning the favor.
The Lakewood Rotary Club of Lakewood, NJ. I recently joined the local Rotary. This is a worthwhile organization where all the money goes to charity. None of the Rotaries keep club houses so all the money goes back to the community. If you would like to visit our rotary in Lakewood, just follow the link and show up on Weds Nights around 6:00pm and introduce yourself. You can also call me at 732-534-3010 ext 217 and ask for Scott Neuman. We are looking for new members and you can't find a better bunch of folk to hang out with and return something to the community that you might do business in.

Not relating to music but important in it's own right.

What I mean is, I sometimes come across websites that make me take a step back and say, "What the hey?". Sites that make me look at the world we live in a slightly more poignant light. I'm very cynical, so this doesn't happen alot, but if I give you a site that makes you say, "Wow, amazing, E'gads, or revolting", then that has to be the right link that I wanted to present to you.


Nice site for Cheryl Heart. Cheryl had multiple sclerosis. Her husband fought for the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act in NJ. Call your state offical and ask them to vote for this worthwhile bill. It's not a drug fight. It's just another medicine.
Memorial for 9/11 This was a site my company had set up for the families and friends that were directly or indirectly affected by the cowardness that took place on 9/11/2001. If someone would like to maintain it, I'd be glad to hear from you.
Mary Payton's Miracle Foundation Mary has Batten's Disease. Any help you can offer would be great.

Team Fox is named after the actor Michael J Fox and of course, is looking to cure Parkenson's Disease. You can donate right on the site.

I'm going to add more. Take it easy.

Can we talk? If you have a WebSite you'd like to see here, or want to swap sites, E-Mail me and I'll work it out.

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